Investment Style Quiz

Rank each of the following statements from most like me (9) to least like me (1)

  1. My dominant focus is to take care of my family.
  2. Confidentiality is my main concern when it comes to investing.
  3. I tend to live below my means but my goal is to make my portfolio as big as possible.
  4. I am not interested in the process of investing, but want someone to do it for me.
  5. Control over my finances is my biggest concern and I am very decisive.
  6. Investing is exciting to me and I love to take risks.
  7. The responsibility of managing my wealth is confusing and frustrating for me.
  8. My biggest concern in life is my status amongst my family and friends.
  9. I am technologically savvy and love to try new products and gadgets.
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Your investment personality is “Family Steward.” When it comes to wealth, your primary goal is to take care of more than just yourself, but to extend your prosperity to provide for your family. In terms of fiscal spending, you’re most likely on the conservative end but may not be as knowledgeable as others about the process of investing. That’s okay—we can help!
Your investment personality is “The Anonymous.” You’re very concerned with maintaining your personal privacy, especially surrounding your financial affairs. You are looking for an advisor who will protect and respect your concerns for confidentiality while still maintaining a close relationship.
Your investment personality is “The Accumulator.” You want to make BIG money and continuously grow your portfolio. You live frugally so that you have extra money to invest and expand your wealth. You’ll want to keep your money in the portfolios with the highest amount of return and continuously check in on the status of your investments.
Your investment personality is “The Independent.” You want an advisor you will do all of the heavy lifting for you so that you can just relax. You are not interested in the process of investing or wealth management. Investing ay feel like a necessary means to an end, but you seek the personal freedom that having money allows for you.
Your investment personality is “The Mogul”. You want control over every aspect of your investment portfolio. You see investing as another way to extend your personal power. When you make a decision, you rarely look back. You know what you want, and you’re going to find a way to get it.
Your investment personality is “The Gambler.” Like the famous Kenny Rogers song, you know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em—in investing, you like to be very involved and knowledgeable about the happenings of your portfolio. However, the thrill of it all is the name of your game. You have a high tolerance for risk and love to “bet it all” for the excitement investing can provide.
Your investment personality is “The Phobic.” You are very wary about your money and are confused with the entire process of investing. Wealth management stresses you out. Therefore, you want an advisor whom you establish a great level of trust with, so you can feel confident putting them in control of your assets.
Your investing personality is “The VIP.” To you, good investments = great social status. You value prestige and are probably someone who enjoys being looked up to or admired, and you work hard to achieve this. You want an advisor with a great reputation or from a leading institution that is well-known to help not only grow your investments but also your place among the social hierarchy.
Your investing personality is “The Innovator.” You are focused on leading-edge products and services. Most likely you are a sophisticated investor and are going to take a sharp look at what portfolios you carry stock, as you want to further technological innovation. You value education and want to use your money to further invention and discovery.