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By Morrison Nordmann Wealth Management

Did you know? Fifty three percent of adults are financially anxious, according to a 2018 FINRA study. Furthermore, research conducted by the FINRA Investigator Education Foundation found major gaps in financial literacy, with four out of five students failing a basic skills financial literacy quiz.

We find these results appalling. As a financial planning agency, we understand the responsibility we hold in not just investing funds appropriately but also in educating our clients, the general public and one another in the industry about financial independence and wise money management.

Since our inception, we have always centered the focus of our business around education. We believe financial literacy is the best way to achieve positive fiscal outcomes. That is why we have worked with each of our clients to educate them on the financial services industry and help them understand how to maximize their financial investments and savings.

For over 25 years we have strived to truly make a difference in financial learning.

We do this through a variety of methods—meeting with clients individually, visiting college and high school classrooms, being featured on Podcasts and publishing articles in local newspapers, just to name a few.

However, this blog is a new way to educate our clients and beyond on specific financial topics that will better our readers’ understanding of personal and business finance.

Here, we will feature editorials focused on educating readers on current events, legislation, and key issues that will have an impact on their financial portfolio so they can equip themselves to best make decisions regarding their personal investments.

Featured right on our website, you’ll be able to access the blog from anywhere.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading these short articles that will help you be a savvier spender and super saver!

Have a topic you’d like us to tackle in the blog or on our podcast, Path to Abundant Living? Let us know!